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Our Risk Management team is dedicated to safeguarding our vehicle against potential threats, ensuring a resilient state while being in Antarctica. With a proactive approach, we identify and assess risks, implement robust mitigation strategies, and continuously monitor the progress of our operations. Our focus will be on evaluating environmental constraints, Lifecycle Tests, and preparing for critical failures and emergency scenarios, including anticipating edge cases to ensure the success of our mission.



This subteam prevents the occurrence of critical failure modes by…

  • …assessing the risk related to the environmental conditions

  • …assessing the risk related to failed redundancy


This subteam will guarantee that the vehicle can be recovered by the protect statement by…

  • …assessing the risk related to critical failure and emergency protocol

  • …assessing the risk related to insufficient energy capacity

  • …assessing the risk related to critical failure and failed emergency protocol (preservation of data, no power,…)


This subteam will ensure the vehicle will remain within internal operating conditions by…

  • …assessing the risk of defect input/output climate control systems

  • …assessing the compatibility of the internal layout and functionality of the rover


This subteam will guarantee that the rover can be sufficiently kept in a functional state during its expected lifetime by…

  • …assessing the robustness of the internal layout and functionality of the rover

  • …assessing the risk of downtime of the monitoring systems

  • …assessing the risk of non-compliance with industry standards


This subteam will guarantee that the systems are sufficiently provided with the energy required for operation by…

  • …assessing the risk of insufficient energy generation

  • …assessing the risk related to powering during the emergency protocol


This subteam will ensure that the rover is capable of navigating to set destination by…

  • …assessing the risk of inability to recognize [new] obstacles

  • …assessing the risk of unexpected terrain

  • …assessing the risk of malfunctions in the sensing technologies


This subteam guarantees that the vehicle can drive itself by…

  • …assessing the risk of calculation errors in energy balance

  • …assessing the robustness of motion algorithms

Communicate with:

This subteam will facilitate long & short-range data transfer by…

  • …assessing the risk of losing data (locally)

  • …assessing the risk of communication with live meteorological data

  • …assessing the architecture of data storage/server

If you are passionate about engineering and want to work on cutting-edge technology in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, please apply to join our team.

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