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The Autonomous Subteam is the team that will ensure that the vehicle can find the safest and most efficient route autonomously by means of algorithms, data, and sensors. Furthermore is the subteam responsible for monitoring the components' status and detecting failures. The subteam works closely together with the electrical subteam.



This subteam prevents the occurrence of critical failure modes by…

  • … choosing sensing technologies that can operate in the expected environment and have overlapping functionality ensuring redundancy.

  • … constructing algorithms for finding the safest route.


This subteam will guarantee that the vehicle can be recovered by the protect statement by…

  • … autonomous emergency protocols in case of critical failure scenarios.


This subteam will ensure the vehicle will remain within internal operating conditions by…

  • … activating the climate control systems (the interfaces for this are handled by Electrical).


This subteam will guarantee that the rover can be sufficiently kept in a functional state during its expected lifetime by…

  • … notifying the failure of components.

  • … monitoring components’ status.

  • … monitoring impulse response for circuitry.

  • … monitoring sensors via watchdogs.


This subteam will guarantee that the systems are sufficiently provided with the energy required for operation by…

  • … controlling the power flow to and from devices in collaboration with the electrical team and collaborating with the energy management subteam on calculating vehicle range (power budget).


This subteam will ensure that the rover is capable of navigating to set destination by…

  • … developing systems enabling the rover to map its environment and detect obstacles.

  • … choosing a suitable config of sensing technologies capable of detecting all obstacles expected in the mission terrain.


This subteam guarantees that the vehicle can drive itself by…

  • … developing algorithms that actuate the control systems in a way to efficiently move around.

Communicate with:

This subteam will facilitate long & short-range data transfer by…

  • … implementing efficient strategies for data acquisition and storage.

  • … updating meteorological data continuously.

If you are passionate about engineering and want to work on cutting-edge technology in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, please apply to join our team.

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