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DHL Global Sustainability Summit, Valencia

It surely was as amazing as it sounds - a Global Sustainability Summit organized by the world's largest logistics company DHL in Valencia, Spain, where Team Polar exhibited the ICE CUBE next to cutting-edge technology presented by Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Google, Michelin, Microsoft and many more.

The event took place from the 25th to the 27th of April, 2023 in Europe's Green Capital for 2024: Valencia, Spain. Over 1000 decision-makers, stakeholders, and experts across industries came together to collaborate, develop innovative solutions, and take yet another step towards a greener, cleaner world. Team Polar Participated with 3 team members, who did great in getting new contacts and in introducing our project to a global (wow!!!) audience.

You might ask, what does Team Polar have to do with logistics? The answer is quite simple. Although our vehicle's main purpose is to help with research in Antarctica, that is not the only application! On the Antarctic continent general transportation, and thus delivering goods (such as food and other necessities of staff working on the continent) is also an issue, and we believe we can help with it.

An autonomous, solar-powered robot acting as the "delivery guy" of Antarctica... Sounds cool, right?


Day 1 - Setting up

On the first day of the Summit, we started by unpacking our precious 1st prototype, the ICE CUBE. We were happy and relieved that it arrived without a single scratch, thanks to DHL. After unpacking, we took a small tour around the location, which was truly beautiful, especially in the amazing sunny weather we had throughout the event. At the end of the day, we joined the opening ceremony of the summit where we listened to a few interesting presentations about a future in sustainable logistics.


Day 2 - Let's get down to business

The second day was our time to shine and get in touch with other visitors to the event. It was an awesome feeling to see how many people are interested in our project and are enthusiastic about a potential future collaboration. At first, we felt a little intimidated by the fact that we are a small student team presenting next to some of the biggest companies in the world, as this is a huge opportunity and a great achievement. Especially if we consider the fact that less than 2 years ago the only thing we had was just 4 dirty wheels bought from some random person on eBay. But, thanks to our very dedicated team members, our sponsors, and all the people who helped and supported us, we are rapidly approaching our goal of pioneering a zero-emission Antarctica!


Day 3 - Enjoying the last day

It was hard to believe that the event has already come to the last day, but we made the max out of it. Although this day was nowhere near as busy as Day 2, we managed to get some valuable contacts and even more people interested in our mission. We are incredibly thankful to everyone who supported us to reach where we are now, it was an incredible trip and a big step for our team. We hope that soon we can write about another big opportunity, our whole team is working hard to make our mission come true.

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