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The Electrical Subteam is the team that will ensure that all the subsystems in the vehicle will provided with the power needed for the subsytems (eg. ) to be operational. They ensure that the Electrical Architecure (eg. wiring, PCBs, etc.) can be adapted to these subsystems, and also ensure it's safety.

Furthermore, this subteam also takes a role in help advising other subteams about components, types, and possible systems to install into the system. The motors also fall under this subteam however with advice of the Energy Management subteam.



This subteam prevents the occurrence of critical failure modes by…

  • … ensuring there is enough redundancy and has a safe modularly expanding architecture; modularity here means use of PCBs, proper housing, etc.


This subteam will facilitate long & short range data transfer by…

  • … ensuring vital systems are kept running and no power is wasted in case of critical failure.

  • … having a control loop that keeps the critical components at a set temperature without input from a computer system.


This subteam will ensure the vehicle will remain within internal operating conditions by…

  • … designing active climate control systems.


This subteam will guarantee that the rover can be sufficiently kept in a functional state during its expected lifetime by…

  • … ensuring that every part of electrical architecture can be easily reached/swapped/inspected, perhaps putting special emphasis on the battery.


This subteam will guarantee that the systems are sufficiently provided with the energy required for operation by…

  • … providing and maintaining the overall electrical architecture of the vehicle and ensuring that all subsystems and parts are provided.


This subteam will ensure that the rover is capable of navigating to set destination by…

  • … developing the navigation architecture – circuitry & motor control.


This subteam guarantees that the vehicle can drive itself by…

  • … choosing the right motor circuit.

  • … choosing the motors in collaboration with S&D.

Communicate with:

This subteam will facilitate long & short range data transfer by…

  • … ensuring there is a system for data storage (locally) and end-responsible for the communication architecture (just hardware – circuit).

If you are passionate about engineering and want to work on cutting-edge technology in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, please apply to join our team.

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