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Engine Belt


As a Dynamics Engineer on our team, you will be responsible for the design and development of the drivetrain, steering, and suspension along with anything that allows the vehicle to move thorugh the Antarctic land. You will work closely with a team of talented engineers and technicians to create a functional and robust vehicle capable of driving efficiently though harsh conditions of polar environments. Your primary focus will be on developing the mechanical systems required for the vehicle to provide mobility to traverse rough terrain by the use of motors and other means.



This subteam prevents the occurrence of critical failure modes by…

  • … designing the chassis and bodywork such that structural integrity is ensured in all foreseen environmental conditions.

  • … designing vehicle shape ensuring rover balance in non-ideal/extreme conditions.

  • … ensuring redundancy



This subteam will guarantee that the vehicle can be recovered by the protect statement by…

  • … designing a chassis that can passively preserve itself against weather conditions.

  • … putting thermally sensitive components in the center of the vehicle to insulate them.

  • Regulate:

  • This subteam will ensure the vehicle will remain within internal operating conditions by…

  • … optimizing and modeling the internal layout of components in such a way that it becomes possible for all systems to remain within their operating conditions.



This subteam will guarantee that the rover can be sufficiently kept in a functional state during its expected lifetime by…

  • … choosing an optimal internal/external layout enabling accessibility and troubleshooting with minimal effort during repairs.



This subteam will guarantee that the systems are sufficiently provided with the energy required for operation by…

  • … designing bodywork and frame compatible with chosen tech for energy generation.

  • … designing a vehicle shape that optimizes the aerodynamic drag.



This subteam guarantees that the vehicle can drive itself by…

  • … choosing the drivetrain type most optimal and sufficiently versatile against terrain types and obstacles encountered in the mission environment.

  • … calculating/modeling the energy required given environmental conditions and energy conversion efficiency.

If you are passionate about engineering and want to work on cutting-edge technology in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, please apply to join our team.

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